The N.E.X.T.


01.『The N.E.X.T.』Produced by Yakkle
02.『Butterfly’s Faction』Produced by Fragment
03.『Tokyo 25世紀』Produced by Eccy
04.『奮エテ眠レ』Produced by Michita
05.『PM 09:00-Skit-』
06.『これがLife Style…』Produced by LOST FACE
07.『誰だ』Produced by PUNPEE
08.『PM 09:05-Skit-』
09.『Bird In The Cage』Produced by STUTS
10.『Parallel World-Skit-』Produced by fanfan
11.『Alice In Underground』Produced by Eccy
12.『静寂でしか聞こえない』Produced by fanfan
13.『You&Me』Produced by Michita